May 12, 2017

Fall Back Up with Jordi Morgan - Athletigen’s Dr. Jeremy Koenig


I met sports geneticist Dr. Jeremy Koenig when I was looking to get in shape to run a marathon. While I never became the marathon man, he did manage to whip my sad 55 year old carcass into the best shape it had been in for 30 years.

Jeremy was a varsity track and field athlete while completing his PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology. Following graduate school he pursued postdoctoral training in genetics at Cornell University all the while running track to keep himself sane.

Eventually he landed as a Professor of Nutrigenomics at Mount St. Vincent University before moving to the biomedical industry to work on developing and commercializing a genetic screen for fertility.

When I met him he was training NHL and olympic level athletes. He has more than 15-years of experience coaching professional and elite level athletes.

In 2014, he started Athletigen in cooperation with the high tech incubation hub Volta Labs.
Athletigen uses proprietary software which looks at an athlete’s DNA to uncover data about strengths, weaknesses and ideal diets.

Athletigen has enjoyed endorsement from NHL star Brad Marchand and Canadian Olympians Heather Hamilton and Akee Haines.We sat down to chat at Athletigen's head office in downtown Halifax...


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