August 24, 2018

Fall Back Up with Donald Savoie

Donald Savoie is one of Canada's most respect public policy minds, but above all, he is a Maritimer.

I first encountered him with his book Governing from the Centre: The Concentration of Power in Canadian Politics which was shortlisted for the Donner Prize. His 2013 book, Whatever Happened to the Music Teacher? How Government Decides and Why was shortlisted for the Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing. His biography, Harrison McCain: Single-Minded Purpose, was nominated for the 2014 National Business Book Award.

His articles have been published in leading journals of political science, public administration and public policy. His work has been reviewed in leading peer-reviewed journals of political science, public policy and public administration and some of the world's leading newspapers.

In 2006, author Donald Savoie wrote a seminal book on economic development in the Maritimes, Visiting Grandchildren. His plans were “to exit the field with this book.” Just over a decade later he returns to the subject with Looking for Bootstraps. Concerned about the region’s future, he sought to explore and explain the reasons behind its lack of economic development spark a much-needed debate about the future of the Maritime Provinces.

I sat down with him in my office in Halifax and I hope you enjoy this somewhat “in the weeds” discussion about the political history of the Maritimes and Atlantic Canadian public policy with the illustrious, Donald J. Savoie.

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