July 7, 2018

Fall Back Up with Jeff Alpaugh

If you were to conjure up an image of a custom dress shirt maker from Fredericton, New Brunswick, you could be excused if your imagination didn’t veer far off the rack of button-down Oxford cloth. Nothing could be further from the reality of Jeff Alpaugh.

Jeff graduated from business school and promptly joined the Canadian Armed Forces. The war in Afghanistan was a clarion for Jeff however, it wouldn’t be a lifelong career. Following an emotionally devastating turn of event, Jeff rejoined civilian life and headed back to a business that had given him his start.

An appearance on the television show Dragon’s Den provided Jeff’s burgeoning company a promotional shot in the arm, but the story is not exactly as it seems.

Jeff Alpaugh Custom produces what Jeff has branded the World’s Most Dangerous Shirt. They are vivid, creative, custom designs aimed at empowering the wearer with a creative edge. Jeff and his business and life partner Emilee Boychuk are building their business on a philosophy of fit, fashion, and fun.

I met Jeff in his shop in downtown Fredericton. I hope you enjoy my wide-ranging conversation with the energetic, creative and dangerous…Jeff Alpaugh.

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