June 1, 2018

Fall Back Up with Lisa Coates

Lisa Coates is a driver. She was born in Los Angeles in 1964. Her mother was a white Scottish Cape Bretoner and her father a black musician and teacher.

Lisa moved back to Cape Breton with her mother and then on to Boston as a teenager to complete her education and begin work.

Being a mixed-race child in Nova Scotia in the 70s came exposed Lisa to racism from both sides of the cultural divide. The experience hardened her resolve.

She explored real estate in Massachusetts following 9/11 but eventually packed it in to return to Nova Scotia. Her experience with real estate provided a foundation for the creation of a contracting company.

She has built her business, Level Ten Landworks into a well-respected construction firm, doubling her revenues from year one to year two. It is truly an entrepreneur's story.

I hope you enjoy my wide-ranging candid conversation with the energetic and opinionated, Lisa Coates.


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